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Watch Now: Kat Wright - If You Need Me (Live)

Mmmm, nothing like some musical medicine to get your vibes right and your energy aligned.

While crowds were heading to the main stage at Levitate Music & Arts Festival, Kat Wright and Bob Wagner slipped into the wilderness with Sugarshack for an impromptu rendition of “If You Need Me.” Tucked beneath the canopy of vibrant trees and the emerging darkness of night, Kat floats upon Wagner’s soft guitar with an airy delivery, filling the comfort of the sonic landscape with angelic, ethereal vocals. This one will soothe your soul and leave you wrapped in the warm embrace of Kat’s melodic vibrations.

“If You Need Me” touches the hearts of listeners with its relatable content and uplifting message of community, support and togetherness. We all experience and maneuver through the trials and tribulations of life. And a lot of what we experience is manifested due to toxic behaviors and egocentric actions. But Kat comes through standing in her power, the internal light illuminating the way, as she reaches out a hand to offer support for those lost in the struggle. As new events of darkness and light continue to come into existence, “If You Need Me” serves as a sonic expression of unconditional love – no matter what you’re going through, remember to be there for others.

Enjoy the beautiful music below.

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