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Watch Now: Kat Dahlia - I'm Doing Good

Somebody better go dap up the music gawds because Kat Dahlia is back, baby!

After stepping away from the spotlight of public releases for the last two years, the songstress triumphantly bursts back onto the scene with “I’m Doing Good,” which comes complete with an accompanying visual treatment. The new record is anthemic and vibey, with the Cuban-rooted Dahlia weaving together her bilingual tongues to create an uplifting ode to confidence, self-awareness and self-love. Coupled with the enticing pop and knock of the production, “I’m Doing Good” features airy and sensual delivery from Kat – the joint is seductive and sultry thanks to Dahlia actively stepping into her own power and confidence.

Across the board, “I’m Doing Good” sees the artist taking her power back and basking in the light that radiates from the act of taking ownership of the self. By avoiding the energetic traps of toxic people and toxic cycles, Kat Dahlia is able to secure, stand in and live her best life.

The Ester Steinberg-captured music video brings Dahlia’s poised prose to life. Viewers find themselves watching Kat enjoying her life, entranced in the captivating vibes of the energy that surrounds her. From the aesthetically alluring lights to the smokey atmosphere and everything in between and beyond, “I’m Doing Good” lays the foundation for empowerment, good energy and good times.

“I’m Doing Good” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Press play below.

[Featured Image Courtesy of Monique Chavez (@mochavez)]

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