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Listen Now: Kai Straw - I Trust My Feet

The only certainty in life is that no thing is certain. That may be hyperbole but, at least in my case, it has proven to be true time and time again. God, nature, the Universe, science, fate, random chance or whatever you believe in will surely throw plenty of curveballs, road blocks, obstacles and surprise blessings in front of you as you journey through your experience here in the physical. And, in those given moments of unexpected challenges, we’re left with a simple choice – do we shrink back and sink into the sorrow and despair or do we take a breath, trust that inner voice and forge forward with confidence?

With “I Trust My Feet,” Kai Straw celebrates the faith he has found from his own resilience.

If you’re fortunate enough to read this today, you’ve survived every battle and overcome every obstacle that has been placed in your path. No matter how deep into the unknown you’ve traveled, like Kai, you’ve made it through and come out on the other side with, at the very least, a lesson learned. That’s one hell of a success rate, huh? The latest release from the CA-based artist is a call to remember that, even with what feels like limited resources, you’ve got what you need to travel through life. Circumstances are going to unfold how they unfold, you’ll likely be challenged and, through it all, you’ll find a sense of peace when you trust yourself and the journey you’re on. Like Kai so potently exclaims, “I don’t trust the climb to make the steps I can see, I trust my feet.”

The song, which officially dropped on February 24, is some real easy listening – it’s upbeat, positive and motivating. The self-produced anthem is a beauteous vibe that has the potential to leave you bouncing around, soaking in the awesome aura of inspiration. “I Trust My Feet” is easy (and fun) to digest, but you have to tip the cap to the depth of Kai’s powerful prose. It’s carrying an important message and revealing a lesson we can all afford to ponder and apply to our unique experiences. The fact Kai presents it in such a simple yet captivating fashion is a testament to his artistry.

Kai Straw drops a new song on the last Friday of every month. I highly suggest you take some time to listen to his back catalog – I randomly stumbled upon a record last year and found myself instantly captivated by Straw’s unique delivery, explosive sound and fascinating balance of content. There’s something special going on here and being introduced to his musical offerings was one of the highlights of my 2022 as far as music is concerned.

“I Trust My Feet” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. Press play below.

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