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Listen Now: Justin Lifshitz - Final Form [prod. Jung Adonis]

You know that part of “Last Call” where Ye talks about Hov taking his Gucci bucket hat off and making one of those oooooooooh faces? I’m pretty sure that’s the universal reaction whenever Justin starts to rattle off his prose. This joint’s been out for an hour and I’m not normally one to rush off a post but I want ya’ll to catch this wave as quickly as possible.

With a 3-track EP dropping in two days, the artist formerly known as Bklyn Lo liberates “Final Form” and, in doing so, leaves us hanging on what he has in store with Long Story Short. Man, this guy is a testament to being calculated in the moves you make – and don’t make – in order to have the biggest impact. I don’t know of many emcees local or otherwise who have such a grasp on this rap thing and still stay as humble or lowkey in the process. In a world where everyone wants to get their bars out, Justin has laid low for a long minute – both in regards to releases and in commentary.


Seemingly because he knows the music will do all the talking for him. No need to hype himself up when he’s dropping records that sound as nice as this. Kids, take notes on the process and the product.

When you press play, make sure you give yourself enough time to run “Final Form” back a few times. And sit with it – this shit ain’t background fodder. How you say so much in less than two minutes? We’re not talking that hyperspeed delivery, either. This one features a wildly confident delivery, smooth flow and an almost eerie calmness. There’s a very real and authentic power encompassing every word that fills the sonic landscape – a young man who has taken, and is taking, the time to learn about himself on an internal and external level. In discovering, recognizing and remembering his self, Justin is able to flip the lessons into wonderfully thought provoking musical manifestations. Self-awareness and accountability at its finest.

Jung Adonis lays the foundation with some introspective instrumentation that is vibrant in its laid back, reflective essence. With the production rolling along in the backdrop, Lo rides the track to perfection, lacing it from front to back with top-shelf lyricism.

If you weren’t looking forward to Long Story Short, you will be after “Final Form.”

Experience the cut below.

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