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Watch Now: jus lovehall & Tekowa Lakica - Dimes [prod. foisey] x Fern [prod. Wrex Mason]


If there’s a project on the way that’s about to make some waves and shake things up a little bit, this is it. Whether it’s locally or beyond the borders of CT, the forthcoming visual EP from jus lovehall and Tekowa Lakica is looking as though it’ll be a testament to pushing boundaries and leveling up – both visually and sonically.

The duo provided the first taste of the EP in the form of “Strangers (Chopped Not Slopped)” earlier in March and they have since fueled anticipation with the release of two teasingly intriguing clips via Instagram and Twitter. The first came last week as jus liberated the foisey-produced “Dimes”, while the Wrex Mason-produced “Fern” found life yesterday. From the music and accompanying visual associated with each joint, to the artwork attached to the releases, there is not a single thing not to like – it’s beautiful, seductive, enigmatic and beyond aesthetically pleasing.

“Dimes” is wrapped in a golden yellow, leaving both Tekowa and jus looking as though they’re completely enveloped in an aura of sunshine. And the track itself sounds like what the sun, at its peak in the sky, might sound like if it had theme music. With foisey’s instrumentation paving the smooth foundation upon which Lakica lays her dreamlike vocals, “Dimes” leaves listeners feeling lifted – a natural high that only music can manifest. As captivating as the preview is, we’re left frustrated in the end as “Dimes” concludes with striking shots of jus lovehall. It’s as though jus and Tekowa are taunting the viewer with the knowing that there is more to come – we, as the viewer, must find the virtue that is patience as we await the full EP.

Although the vocals on “Fern” never feel abrasive, there is a more impassioned delivery from both jus and Tekowa. Appropriately represented with green imagery, “Fern” erupts with a notable raw and earthy vibe – the backdrop Wrex provides on “Fern” is of a higher energy than “Dimes”, which suits the animalistic essence encompassing the latest release. Tucked between the smooth crooning, Lakica provides atmospheric spoken word that is at once jarring and enchanting. Again, you’ll have a hunger for more as you run the visual back in hopes it lasts longer the next time through.

Watch “Dimes” and “Fern” below via jus lovehall’s Twitter.

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