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Watch Now: jus lovehall & Tekowa Lakica - Blessed [prod. Foisey]

With the release of their visual EP taking place any day now, jus lovehall and Tekowa Lakica drop off one more preview as the anticipation of experiencing the project in full continues to grow. “Blessed,” the fourth intimate look at the upcoming EP, is certainly as much of a tease as the previous three drops, working to fully capture the attention and curiosity of the viewer while still leaving so much to be desired.

The foisey-produced “Blessed” is a cool, sensual vibe of a record, the snippet provided highlighted by Lakica’s angelic vocals. As she sways about, there is an otherworldly aura surrounding her – it’s as though the music is moving through her; her physical becoming a vehicle through which the delivery is channeled. With Tekowa’s voice standing prominently in the foreground, jus taps the song with light vocals, more spoken than sung.

Utilizing a black and white color scheme, with a little grayness added in, the video is unique in its placement of both artists – rather than remain in their respective places, they intermittently flash back and forth from the left to the right. And, while both are vibing along to the track, there is an energetic contrast on display as Tekowa appears slightly more alive when juxtaposed with the somber, lost-in-though demeanor of jus lovehall.

The EP is coming in March and we’ve only got three days left in the month, so look for the complete project sometime this weekend. For now, you can watch “Blessed” below via jus’ Twitter.

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