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Listen Now: jus lovehall - By The Minute [prod. Ckwnce]

It’s been a pretty prolific year for jus lovehall, who has already liberated four records from the vault in 2020. With the tantalizing “Blossom” still finding regular replays, jus keeps the momentum going with the release of “By The Minute.”

When dude says, “I been gettin’ better by the minute,” you know he’s laying out truth all over this record. Whether you love him, hate him or feel indifferent, the music jus has been releasing – literally since he was a teenager – speaks for itself. And when you come into this present moment in time, it ain’t hard to hear, see and feel exactly how much better jus continues to get. Better and healthier in regards to his music and, perhaps more importantly, in regards to his head and heart space. He’s growing, evolving and discovering more about himself – the fact his self-work is reflected in the music is simply an added bonus for all of us listening at home.

“By The Minute” is just the latest manifestation of all the work jus has been putting in behind the scenes. The track lays it out clear as day – he’s putting in countless hours, sleepless nights and making all the sacrifices to truly master the craft he loves so dearly. Over the course of “By The Minute,” jus dances with some real life observations, shining a lyrical light on wants, desires, mortality and more. It’s a beautifully layered track, showcasing the depth of content this young artist is capable of.

Ckwnce handles the production on “By The Minute,” bringing a unique, ethereal soundscape to the table. While I don’t know the backstory of this song, the instrumentation sounds like it was cooked up specifically for jus – he’s proven he can ride over a wide variety of beats, but something like this puts him directly in his bag. The production feels like we’re rocking back and forth between the dream world and the physical world, allowing jus to drop off his smooth dialogue. We’re only here while we’re here, so you might as well make it count and live your dreams. We’ve all heard of lucid dreaming – jus is putting in the work to ensure he lives lucid. As the track plays through, it sounds almost like a pep talk, with our protagonist reassuring himself – and the listeners – that all the sleepless nights and sacrifices are not only worth it, but they are working.

“By The Minute” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. You can enjoy the full visualizer via jus’ IG.

Press play below.

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