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Listen Now: jus lovehall - Blue [prod. Addae & Ian Francis]

Go look up “vibe” in the dictionary. If your copy of Webster doesn’t have a picture of jus lovehall as the definition then place that thing in the trash ’cause it’s broken.

My goodness, this guy is cooking up the vibeyest of vibes each and every time he liberates another joint from the vault. If you’ve caught the wave, you’re still riding the tantalizing essence of Mileage, the collaborative EP jus dropped alongside Tekowa Lakica last April. If you’re still sleeping…welp, it’s 2020 and you best be waking up soon because you’re missing one heck of a sonic adventure. And the lovehall experience continues with the release of “Blue,” a fresh cut that features production from Addae and Ian Francis.

“Blue” just became the smoothest cuffin’ anthem of the decade and you’re playing yourself if it doesn’t find an immediate home in your “Netflix & Chill” (is that still a thing?) playlist. It’s taking me longer than it should to type up this post simply because I keep running “Blue” back and, rather than sit down and get my thoughts out, I’m bopping around the room. Shit is captivating. Like, jus, how you so damn cold, my guy?

Sheesh. Young legend in the flesh.

And linking with his Sonorous brethren and one of the masterminds behind Sea Tea Soundwerks only serves to elevate “Blue” to an even higher peak. This one makes me wish I had music terminology in my lexicon so I could describe the sonic landscape in a more professional manner. But these guys are masterminds and this production is immaculate – vibe, bop, anthemic, smooth, vibrant. You name it, “Blue” is it.

As if things couldn’t get any better, jus lovehall will be donating all the proceeds from “Blue” to Puerto Rico Rises and matching all proceeds 100%. Daps and pounds for being a good dude in addition to a phenomenal artist.

“Blue” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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