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Watch Now: Joey Batts - Thankful [prod. blckwndr]

“Thankful” is the energy I hope we can all carry with us throughout 2020 and beyond.

There’s something truly magical and medicinal about finding gratitude within each step of your journey here in the physical – in recognizing the beauty behind the madness, confusion and ego that so often surrounds us on a daily basis. Whether you’re battling internal or external demons, it’s easy to fall out of yourself and lose motivation. Even the things you’re most passionate about can slip to the back of your priorities as you become consumed with the voices in your head or the voices of the people around you telling you to stop, to give up, that you’re not good enough, etc., etc. And it’s nowhere near as easy to regain a sense of self or to remember your purpose for pursuing those passions in the first place.

But it’s possible. And “Thankful” is a gentle reminder of that. Pay attention to what your mind is telling you, what your heart is telling you and what your body is telling you. Don’t neglect one because, in doing so, you’ll be neglecting the others. And remember – and turn your focus towards – the people and voices in your life that are showing you love, lifting you up and helping you grow into your greatest version. More often than not, for every person throwing you shade, you have ten more people showing you love. Be mindful where you direct your focus and your energy. Hold the good memories close to your heart, hold your loved ones close and love yourself. It’ll make the inevitable journeys through the darkness far more bearable.

With “Thankful,” Joey Batts returns not only to releasing music but to feeling like his “badass self again.” And, man, it shows in the music – it’s that classic Joey Batts energy, lifted to even greater heights by a rediscovered hunger and focus. “Thankful” is a nice balance of fun and serious content, shining on wax in a way that Joey genuinely does IRL as well. If you’ve met the man, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, I hope some day you get the opportunity to experience his heart. Full of authentic insight and relatable prose, “Thankful” takes an honest look at mental and physical health, emotional highs and lows, self-doubt and stepping back into your power.

blckwndr laces “Thankful” with production that sounds at once both smooth and rough. It feels like an accurate representation of life itself – perfect in its imperfection. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Batts x blckwndr tandem thus far and I’m hoping we hear more records from these guys as 2020 rolls on.

Visually, “Thankful” features the puppet from “Chris Farley” and different clips showcasing some of Joey’s fondest memories. Each time the hook hits, viewers see shots that include Batts’ family, friends and performance footage. Like the song, the “Thankful” video will tug on your heart strings while putting a smile on your face.

Press play on “Thankful” below.

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