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Watch Now: Joell Ortiz - Tears (Remix) (feat. Olive Louise)

Kicking off with staggering statistics regarding deaths by overdose, revealing two people will die from OD before the 4:37 long video ends, “Tears (Remix)” is a raw, painful and authentic depiction of the opiate epidemic plaguing the lives of so many. The images captured in the video find inspiration from the diary – and real events – of one late individuals experiences. Perhaps the most haunting, and yet hope inspiring, trait of “Tears (Remix)” is how one persons story will undoubtedly be relatable – perhaps even identical – to that of countless others across America today.

You are not alone.

Through the harrowing, bone-chilling prose of Ortiz, vivid pictures are painted of the rise and fall of addiction, taking listeners from a happy life at home to the hopelessness and despair that preludes the inevitable fate of untreated addiction. Under the snake-like, omnipotent control of the drugs, one slowly loses sense of who they are, as if they are watching from the sidelines as their physical, mental and emotional worlds crumble. With “Tears (Remix)”, Ortiz and the visual accompanying his poetry detail the journey of one young lady as she slips into the shackles of heroin, losing her family and her self in the process. Recognizing the pain she is feeling and causing, she is still unable to slip from the clutches of the drugs, falling deeper down the rabbit hole due to the utter hopelessness she feels.

Ortiz is joined on the record by Olive Louise, who fills “Tears” with emotive and raw vocals that capture the longing for what was. Olive wraps “Tears” in a warm embrace, simultaneously bringing an aura of hope to the record while ensnaring it with a sense of spiraling out of control.

It only takes one time to become addicted. And it only takes one time to overdose. Too many tragic endings have already occurred. As the video displays at the end, there is hope – no matter how hopeless you feel. To seek help or talk about your addiction, call 1-88-659-9353.

“Tears (Remix)” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Watch the video below.

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