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Watch Now: Jobo - Last Godz (feat. RUDY)

There is a very legitimate aura of authenticity that encapsulates Jobo and it radiates through the music he releases. While he may have a tendency to troll with the best of them online, his energy is always real – the Bear God is never pulling punches or keeping it PC to please or comfort anyone. In today’s musical climate, both locally and in the mainstream, this raw authenticity is experienced less and less frequently.

And that is why what Jobo brings to the table is important.

Despite being a fan of professional wrestling, Jobo does not grip tightly to a gimmick. He walks through life, and delivers his music, as he deems appropriate. What we get is the truest essence of who Jobo is and that becomes more apparent as he continues to grow into himself artistically.

“Last Godz” is presented in the same manner as “Warning Bite” – a visual offering a glimpse of what will live in full upon the release of Bear God EP II. Jobo provides just enough to get the viewer hooked and wanting more, while still ensuring his upcoming EP will feature unheard content that carries on the vibe cooked up with the condensed previews. By ending the video abruptly, we’re left with a knowing that there is more to come. And when Jobo is ready to do it on his terms, BGEPII will be liberated.

The latest release features RUDY, who is a blessing on any track he touches. There always seems to be something a little more special when two friends link to create music, especially when they are both as talented as Jobo and RUDY are in their respective rights. “Last Godz” showcases a juxtaposition of creative abilities and styles, blending the energy of both artists together into a #toosweet final product.

“Last Godz” is blunt and abrasive, again highlighting Jobo’s unique ability to attract listeners with an inviting arrogance. While many pseudo “woke” individuals are flexing on socials about eradicating their egos, Jobo is demonstrating how powerful the ego can be if one stays rooted in authenticity.

Daps and pounds to Bklyn Lo for the visual experiencing, capturing the flick on a dark and cold night. With nothing but the natural lights of the city illuminating the shots, the vast shadows of the video dance beautifully with the vibe of “Last Godz”.

Bear God EP II is on the way. Hit play on “Last Godz” below.


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