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JJ Gahagan’s ‘Close The Distance’ Is About Lacking Physical Contact


JJ Gahagan is a one-man-band from Chicago. He’s a food scientist by day and a musician by night. Some visualize music as art and colors, but JJ sees music as a recipe to make a dish. He’s been known to say “It’s all about finding great ingredients and combinations”. On his first solo album ‘Something’s Got to Give’ he sings and plays everything except the drums. Drummer John McEntire of the Chicago rock band Tortoise plays the drums on the album.

‘Something’s Got to Give’ is about JJ’s whole past as well as what his life is now. His musical journey encompasses all the various styles that have influenced him. His style includes blues, jazz, funk, rock, house, and Led Zeppelin. His taste of the music world has led him to try to make the most sonically pleasant music possible.

A song from the album ‘Close The Distance’ tackles technology, physical isolation, VR, the pandemic, and not knowing what is real anymore. Nowadays, we don’t know if the person we’re meeting online is genuine. The track touches that subject and how there’s a lack of physical contact with people in today’s times.

JJ believes that everyone today wants more interaction with people and to be back in a world where they can freely travel, finding new people along the way. He shares, “I like technology and VR, but after a while, it becomes surreal. You become friends with people you’ve never met or talked to in real life before. Is anyone really who they say they are?” He adds that the world we live in now provides that danger. Without real-life contact, people online may not be who they say they are.

This is a thought provoking song, and the world needs more of that.  Especially now, in the age of diminishing physical contact.


Listen to JJ Gahagan’s ‘Close The Distance’ on YouTube.

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