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Listen Now: Janine - Vacation

If there is one constant in all of our lives, it’s change. No matter how hard we may try to fight or avoid it, the natural flow of life here in the physical always opens the door for change. So, what matters most is our attitude and our mindfulness when life throws twists, turns and curveballs in our path. With the right outlook and attitude, even the most dire of “setbacks” can be viewed as assets, new opportunities and blessings. After all, doors only close so new ones – better ones – can open and fill life with something even greater than what existed there before.

Janine, freshly back on her independent grind after getting dropped by Atlantic Records, exemplifies this wondrous power of positivity. In a very DIY vlog, which manages to capture the enchanting authenticity of the New Zealand-bred songstress, Janine breaks down the circumstances surrounding her departure from the major label. Admirably, she keeps it fair and balanced, addressing the labels shortcomings while still holding herself accountable – it’s not an Atlantic bashing, nor is it a pity party. Unfortunately, Janine’s story seems pretty par for course, with the major label scooping up a rising talent and then attempting to transform her from the individual who organically caught a buzz into their cookie cutter version of a star. Sprinkled throughout the experience are promises and plans that never came to fruition.

Man, listen…I’ve been a fan of Janine for a minute now, dating back to the Dark Mind EPXXEP is still one of my most returned to projects and I was thrilled when I heard she inked a deal with Atlantic. But sometimes – oftentimes – people don’t know how to use what they got. Admittedly, I’m no record executive – merely a fan who happens to love writing. I have zero insight into the business side of things. That said, it seems like the best way to utilize a talent would be to allow that talent to do the damn thing that first caught listeners ears and eyes, while leaving room for the natural growth, evolution and experimentation of said artist. So, if it takes being dropped for Janine to have the freedom to be Janine, then I’m all the way here for it.

And if Janine is coupling the lessons she’s learned and the personal growth she’s experienced over the years while bringing it back around to the and the Mixtape vibes? Well, my friends, ya boy is tickled pink.

Her first release since announcing the drop features Janine returning to a track originally released last year. This time around, “Vacation” has been hit with the glow up – the OG version was lovely, but everything about this updated rendition is leveled up. Listeners get the angelic, airy vocals of Janine, who floats over the self-produced instrumentation. “Vacation” is sexy, seductive and saturated with the sultry vibes of Janine, while remaining enveloped in an aura of class – it’s flirtatious and romantic, some smooth, pop-infused R&B vibes to make love to.

This production is the epitome of fire emoji, working to cloak Janine’s delivery in a warm embrace while lacing “Vacation” with a sonic foundation upon which Ms. Independent can paint the vibes with her lyrical brush strokes. There is an ethereal essence to the production, which couples with the seductive content to create a multifaceted listening experience. Let’s be honest, anyone encouraging Janine to not produce should be looking for a new line of work.

“Vacation” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. As she embarks on the next chapter of her journey, here’s to hoping the newfound freedom allows for the manifestation of new music, new experiences and, most importantly, new happiness.

Catch the vibes below.


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