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Watch Now: Janine - Broke Me Down

Although it dropped earlier than expected last month, before being removed from the streamosphere, “Broke Me Down” is now officially out for your listening pleasure. The latest from Janine finds an exhilarating fidelity between and the Mixtape vibes and the present day strength, perseverance and overall head space of the New Zealand-bred songstress.

With “Broke Me Down” out in the world, Janine shares a crimson-hued lyric video that serves to capture the energy of the new record. From the color filtered over Janine’s flowing physical to the wave-like motion of the glass of wine, the video is masked in the glowing radiance of red. It’s sensual and mindful, with various energetic auras emanating from Janine’s delivery of the sonic purge. Viewers, through a simple-on-the-surface visual experience, are able to pick up on the range of emotion blossoming from the song. And it all comes together so naturally – like the instrumentation cradling her words, the video doesn’t need an onslaught of glitz and glam to become powerful. We get Janine in her natural beauty, swaying about like a flower or tree dancing with the wind, as the music fills the space around her.

“Broke Me Down” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Catch the vibes below.


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