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Listen Now: Janine - 3AM [prod. Janine & Shawn Benn]

There’s something to be said about a leap of faith – about trusting in the flow of the Universe and, perhaps most importantly, trusting in yourself. While some may have felt being dropped by a major label was a wild setback, Janine took her ball and went home. But instead of sitting on her ass, wallowing in self pity, the New Zealand-bred songstress hit the courts and has been tirelessly putting in the work to bring her career to greater heights than ever before. Although she may have lost the marketing machine – or lack thereof, if we’re being honest – of a label, she gained deeper insight into who she is as a human, a spirit and an artist. Now, as fans, we’re blessed with new content that is wholly from the headspace and heart space of Janine. It’s a beautiful thing.

And you can’t knock the hustle.

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that Janine is heaven sent behind that microphone. Even when she’s singing about a painful and confusing experience, her voice is enchantingly calming. This stems from the unabashed authenticity of the Goddess behind the music – it radiates from her energy, her delivery and the intentions that serve to manifest each new piece of work she shares with the world. When you press play on a song from Janine, you’re on the receiving end of raw, heartfelt and pure emotion – no masks, no illusions; just straight up Janine, in all her broken, fallen and continuously healing glory.

“3AM” majestically conveys the late, sleepless nights spent trapped in your head – the overthinking, the knotted strings of memories that keep you bound to the past. Wrapped in airy production that comes courtesy of Janine (yeah, she has a slick ear on the boards, too) and Shawn Benn, “3AM” captures the hurt, confusion, and endless cycles of regretful mourning. Listeners can feel the confusion in her delivery, as she dances between acceptance and longing for what was…even if what was wasn’t the healthiest of experiences. It’s music you can feel penetrating your higher self while still enjoying the blissful sonic landscape as it enters your ears in the physical world.

“3AM” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Catch the vibes below.

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