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Watch Now: Jack Larsen - Ugly

Just as YouTube was crashing last night, Jack Larsen was liberating the “Ugly” visual experience. As someone who does not believe in coincidence, there’s certainly something rather poetic about the synchronicity of those two events.

Filmed throughout various locations in Illinois – and predominately in Chicago – Larsen’s “Ugly” video serves as a consummate companion to the original audio. The self-directed release basks in it’s low-budget feel, with the majority of the video appearing as though Jack simply set up a camera, hit record and began performing for no person other than himself. This atmosphere works in perfect union with the natural and graceful awkwardness of Larsen throughout the video.

Whether the viewer is witnessing Larsen dancing in his basement, running around the fields of a farm or hanging out a car window, there is an overwhelming sense of freedom, exploration and self-discovery present from the moment one hits play. Rather than run from his perceived flaws, Larsen is learning to accept himself – internally and externally – and this video showcases the process of that personal growth beautifully.

I was a big fan of “Ugly” when I first heard it and the song has been on constant rotation ever since. The new release is a welcome complement to the audio, leaving me excited to see Larsen’s artistic journey continue.

Press play below to experience Jack Larsen’s “Ugly” video.

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