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Watch Now: Jack Larsen - I Became My Brother

With “I Became My Brother”, arguably his most audacious release to date, Jack Larsen continues to demonstrate his dexterous ability at imagining and bringing to life captivating, uniquely pop-infused coming-of-age musical sagas.

“I Became My Brother” features an incredibly simple lyrical foundation that sounds vastly more complex thanks to the Chicago-based artist’s vocal delivery and the energy from which he presents his prose. There’s a growing confidence on display throughout the record and video, as if Jack dropped “Ugly” and then proceeded to level up both artistically and personally. While the self-discovery is still an ongoing process, viewers are now witnessing Larsen create with less fear about being – and putting on display – his true self.

The chaotic mess of production, which bounces all over the place, is pieced together exquisitely, adding a new layer of expression to the already telling nature of “I Became My Brother”. There’s a comforting element brought forth through the sonic chaos – a relatable, life-like honesty felt thanks to the bouncing, disconcerting, pervasive nature of the record’s production.

This same energy is accomplished through the visual experience, which has a natural, raw sense of clustered disorganization. Watching the video feels like Zack and Miri Make a Porno – and I make this observation with the most complimentary of intentions. Similar to Larsen’s “Ugly” video, there is a low-budget feel to “I Became My Brother” but, perhaps symbolic of his increasing self-confidence, the latest video successfully attempts to make the low-budget energy have a high-budget attitude. It’s a unique whirlwind of a viewing experience that manages to capture a piece of Larsen’s headspace and heartspace.

“I Became My Brother” is like a young adult novel without the abundance of clichés and corniness. Any other artist might have failed miserably at bringing a concept like this to life, relying too heavily on inauthentic resources to assist in the telling of their story. But Larsen has a strong ability to express himself with just the right balance of all his necessary ingredients, ensuring the audience experiences an authentic, comfortingly awkward piece of art.

“I Became My Brother” is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Watch “I Became My Brother” below.

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