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Listen Now: Irie Lee - Long Way Home (feat. theMIND)

Man, here’s a release I’ve been anticipating since first hearing the sonic offerings of Irie Lee last year. Only serving to amplify my excitement, “Long Way Home” arrives unexpectedly, making its way to SoundCloud without any pomp, circumstance or fanfare. The new song serves as, I believe, the first official drop from Lee since Yellow Forest was released last December.

When I first heard Irie Lee, I was blown away. And that same feeling strikes me each time I listen through his previous work. There’s a uniqueness to his style, coupling dreamlike vocals with an energy that dances seamlessly between worlds, flirting at once with passionate love and painstaking regret. These wondrous traits and more radiate through “Long Way Home,” the record coming to vibrant life as Lee’s prose acts as a brush, creating picturesque imagery upon the sonic landscape. If you close your eyes and listen, one can visualize with ease the story being told through the lyrical content.

theMIND joins Lee on “Long Way Home,” the two artists capturing a loving, peaceful and reflective essence with their juxtaposing vocals. There’s an energetic fidelity present, despite the differing deliveries, resulting in an emotive balance of love, longing, attachment and letting go. And this energy is complimented by the instrumentation, which cloaks both artists in a smooth, floating aura of comfort.

With a new project on the way, “Long Way Home” will be available on all major streaming platforms on May 23rd.

Press play below.

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