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Watch Now: ILIRA - Diablo x Get Off My D!ck (Live)

Coupling her multi-octave vocal range with an endearing, infectious energy, Swiss-born songstress ILIRA is able to layer the content of her songs to create smooth, blended musical experiences. As she weaves and dips between the highs and lows, the music takes on a life of its own, becoming more of a journey through sound and emotion than a mere record on wax. And now, ILIRA is the latest artist to link with Vevo for their DSCVR series, bringing “Diablo” and “Get Off My D!ck” to the live arena.

Diablo” serves as a moving tribute to anyone who has experienced the tumultuous trials and tribulations of an abusive relationship. The emotive record features impassioned delivery from ILIRA, who uses her voice to dance upon the sultry, enigmatic production from BANX & RANX. Listeners feel the hurt and the pain, but one is also able to notice the power that rises from the singer’s awareness of what she is facing. Rather than take on the role of a helpless victim, ILIRA is shining light on the toxic situation and, in doing so, taking her power and control back piece by piece. ILIRA’s live performance is highlighted by the subdued physicality present throughout, perhaps symbolic of the chains of the relationship. Despite the limited movement, the performance erupts with passion and purpose as ILIRA purges the emotion from within.

Showcasing the range and depth of energy she brings to the table, the vibes get flipped on their head as ILIRA bops her way through the soulful and anthemic “Get Off My D!cK.” The modern, pop-laden record rides the wavy bounce of the production, embracing listeners with its fun energy and contagious vibe. “Get Off My D!ck” is enchantingly vibrant, with ILIRA illuminated by an aura of confidence, celebration and self-love.

Diablo” and “Get Off My D!ck” are both available now on all major streaming platforms.

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