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Watch Now: HIRIE - I'm Messed Up

When HIRIE said, “catch up on the sleep that I’ll never get,” I felt that.

“I’m Messed Up” is an energetic and fun acknowledgment and ode to something most people can relate to – messing up. Blanketed beneath HIRIE’s emotive vocals and tongue-in-cheek humor is an all in, cards on the table display of the plethora of ways the songstress’ life is less than perfect. But, rather than sink towards melancholy, HIRIE flips the script and delivers “I’m Messed Up” in the most celebratory of fashion, weaving her smooth delivery between the radiating life of the vibrant instrumentation. As a result, the record becomes something of an anthem to breathe life back into all of us who may be losing sight of our blessings by placing too much focus on what isn’t going right in our lives.

All the mess ups seem less troublesome if they’re faced with a smile and a positive attitude. As corny and cliche as that last statement is, life is what you perceive it to be and you get out of it what you give. Offer gratitude for your trials and you’ll more quickly begin to view them as lessons rather than curses. In a sense, you’ll take the power back from what’s testing you, giving yourself control of the situation. We’re all here on Earth, spirits inhabiting physical vessels. And we’re all fucking up on the daily. What matters is your attitude in regards to those mistakes, mess ups and, rather matter of factly, those fuck ups.

“I’m Messed Up” is accompanied by a wondrously engaging visual treatment, featuring HIRIE and friends enjoying the vibes at a party. The video switches back and forth from a solo setup and the fiesta itself, but when that band starts playing and HIRIE starts vibing to the music, viewers are sure to find themselves smiling and focusing on the good energy. Like the song, the Christina Chi-directed video is captivatingly fun, displaying a lovely balance of humor and depth.

Press play below.

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