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Watch Now: HIRIE - I'm Messed Up (Sugarshack Sessions)

This marks the third time “I’m Messed Up” graces the pages of Hxppy Thxxghts and it still hits with a magical touch of relatable, chaotic comfort and bliss. We’ve heard the official version, we’ve experienced it live in concert and now we get a little acoustic taste of HIRIE’s Dreamer single. This time around, HIRIE is joined by Chris del Camino on saxophone and a beautiful backdrop setting quite an aesthetically pleasing vibe.

With HIRIE and Chris sitting along a street, I’m beginning to accept that “I’m Messed Up” is the right song no matter what environment it’s performed in.

The song is a pure, authentic anthem – it flows and builds so naturally, from HIRIE’s powerful vocals to the captivating dance that takes place between her guitar and the sax. As we’ve come to expect from HIRIE, the songstress rides the waves of emotion, her delivery filling you up and touching the spirit of all who press play.

This Sugarshack Session takes on new life at the end, thanks to the candid chat which adds a lovely dimension to the performance.

Dreamer is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. Press play on the Sugarshack-captured flick below.

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