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Watch Now: HIRIE - I'm Messed Up (Live)

It wasn’t long ago that HIRIE officially liberated the raw, authentic and pure celebration that is “I’m Messed Up.” And now, thanks to the wonderful people at Sugarshack, we find ourselves on the receiving end of a live rendition of the record, performed at the Music Box in San Diego. As one might expect, the vibey essence of “I’m Messed Up” erupts to a wondrous life through the layered elements that come together to create the vibrant performance.

The video does an excellent job highlighting the foundation of the entire HIRIE team, as each piece of the “I’m Messed Up” puzzle is placed and interwoven majestically – it takes a village, and these villagers are serving in their roles to perfection. As the hypnotic movements of Hirie’s physical couples with the energy of the live instrumentation and her impassioned delivery, “I’m Messed Up” slowly builds towards an ethereal experience. The smooth and seductive notes from the saxophone begin to dance hand in hand with the songstress’ vocals before parting ways in order for the sax to take center stage with an exhilarating solo.

When Mariachi Del Mar hits the stage? Whoa, baby. Talk about bringing the energy of the song to a whole new level.

Throughout “I’m Messed Up,” all the different pieces build upon each other, working together in order to allow each instrument and every lyric to hit at its highest potential. At once, it feels as though the vast range of instrumentation breaks down the walls of sonic separation, forging new ground as a singular, united blend of illuminated vibrations.

“I’m Messed Up” is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Enjoy the Sugarshack-filmed visual below.

[Featured Image Courtesy of Matthew A. Schipper (@matthew.a.schipper)]

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