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Watch Now: HIRIE - Better As Is

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of getting into a relationship with someone and creating a story of who they are or how they should be. We meet someone we vibe with, business picks up and suddenly we’re “together.” As time goes on, we begin to notice aspects of the person we don’t like – they aren’t fitting the mold we created for them before we really knew who they were. This seems to be the biggest downfall of “relationships.” In the end, shit falls apart because we never truly loved that person. We were only in love with our idea – our illusion – of who they were or could be. And, when we start to notice the honeymoon phase is ending – and the work is beginning – we don’t want to stick around to do the work.

So, take your time. But, more importantly, don’t be afraid to do the work. ‘Cause anyone who has been in a relationship that has lasted the test of time will tell you: it is work. Of course, the work can and will be enjoyable. Because, if the stars have aligned and brought twin flames together, you’ll come out on the other side of the work stronger and more in love than ever before. The greatest love is unconditional – it’s a force that will light up your world and push you to become your greatest version, both for yourself and the spirit walking beside you. But, in order to experience that love, you have to be willing to love all of your partner. Not just the parts you like but the parts you don’t – this may seem like a strange concept, to love what you don’t like, but it’s the beauty of unconditional love. You aren’t going to like everyone you cross paths with, but that is why we are obliged to love everyone.

It’s that shit that can change the world for the better.

“Better As Is” serves as an enchanting tribute to the raw, pure and unconditional love that thrives and blossoms through the highs and lows. Released on the 11th anniversary of HIRIE and Jamey, the Dreamer cut honors all those souls in the world who are committed to doing the work and experiencing the most magically enchanting of loves. The record radiates with awareness, presenting a raw and emotive reflection on the couples’ personal journey while also standing prominently in its relatability. We experience, through HIRIE’s always angelic vocals, the ways in which rain and shine become blessings. It’s the divine balance of trials and celebration that come together to manifest the uniqueness of our personal experiences with love.

We should never document the beauty of anything, love included, without shining a light on the destruction from which it came. I don’t care how many romantic Instagram posts you share – there’s work going on behind the public flex if that relationship is truly flourishing.

Without question, however, is the importance of being mindful of the work while also offering gratitude for the love and all that it is. And “Better As Is” does this wondrously. Cradled within the simple, vibey instrumentation, HIRIE delivers soft prose that paints vivid portraits of a love that shines through the similarities and differences of the two individuals. A love that thrives despite different schedules and personalities – a love that is truly unconditional. And, as a result, a love that has lasted 11 years.

One can paint a pretty picture of what love is. But you’ll find more joy in appreciating the reality of your love – the ups, downs and every beautiful little thing in between.

Tim Slusarczyk helps bring the beautiful record to life, capturing candidly adorable shots of HIRIE and Jamey amidst breathtaking scenic backdrops. There’s a radiant glow emanating from the footage, one that dims in comparison only to the love that shines from the two lovers.

“Better As Is” lives on Dreamer, which is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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