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Watch Now: Hermitude - Every Day (feat. Hoodlem)

Hailing from Australia, Hermitude is an electronic tag-team consisting of El Gusto and Luke Dubs. Having made some noise with their Bibi Bourelly-assisted “Stupid World” in 2018, the duo return this month with the official visual treatment for “Every Day.”

Showing a clear ability to handpick the most proper of collaborations, Hermitude called upon fellow Australian, Hoodlem, for the most recent release. Together, Hermitude and Hoodlem piece together a contagious, vibe-laden bop of a track that radiates with warmth while simultaneously tugging at the heartstrings with light flavors of homesickness and contemplative reflection. As “Every Day” erupts through your speakers, you’ll find yourself eager to celebrate the now that is life while reminiscing on all that was that lead you to this moment. The electronic pop-infused sonic styling brought forth via Hermitude’s production houses the whimsical surge of Hoodlem’s fresh vocals, gradually building towards the inevitable discharge of dance-inducing energy.

The Nathan Presley-directed video features Courtney Campbell dancing hypnotically throughout a subway and city street, cloaked in the darkness of night yet illuminated by the vibrant, popping colors of the lights and scenery surrounding her.

“Every Day” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Watch the video below.

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