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Listen Now: Hayes - Seeing Red

Brooding instrumentation sets the stage for “Seeing Red,” letting listeners know from the intro that we’re about to embark on a tumultuous journey inward. From the start, the new release from CT-based Hayes is an in-your-head experience, saturated with contemplative, dream-like vibes. As Hayes’ prose couples with the production, “Seeing Red” emerges as an anthemic and emotional purge that leaves the audience as equally lost in thought as they are caught up in the sonic beauty of the music.

Since first being introduced to the music of Hayes, I’ve admired her vocal presence on wax. This young songstress has a sharp ability to balance keen songwriting with naturally raw delivery. The lyrical content and the emotion behind her words forge together in a wondrous fidelity – there is no separation between the two, just pure emotion being emitted from the head and heart space of Hayes. With “Seeing Red,” this becomes more evident than ever before. As Hayes fills the landscape of the song with her impassioned vocals, listeners are left feeling as though they are floating between dreams and the “real” world. Our protagonist dances between her desires and the expectations cast upon her, struggling to find a sense of freedom and, it seems, a sense of self. Aside from the engaging essence of the music, “Seeing Red” is sure to strike a chord deep within the psyche of all those who press play simply due to the relatable content of the song.

“Seeing Red” features wonderful pop sensibilities while still staying true to the aura of authenticity that envelops Hayes. There’s nothing cookie cutter about this record or the artist who brings it to life, but it’s not hard to envision “Seeing Red” finding space on the radio. As noted, it feels like a mental and emotional purge – an attempt to let go of some of the weight Hayes has been carrying around internally. As such, there is an air of confusion and conflict cloaking the record, which helps add layers to “Seeing Red.” Through her words and her vocals, one is able to truly feel and appreciate the battle that is taking place within her head.

The production, which Hayes cooked up from scratch before sending it over to Matthew Cyr for some finishing touches, captures the energy of Hayes’ internal conflict perfectly. It’s a catchy, melodic and turbulent soundtrack that is at once as comforting as it is cluttered. It works well, giving Hayes the proper space to deliver her prose while still covering the artist in a vibrant collection of instrumentation.

“Seeing Red” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Preview the song below.

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