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Watch Now: Half Moon Run - Favourite Boy

Whoa. This one was a trip.

I clicked play on “Favourite Boy” wildly unfamiliar with Half Moon Sun. With no expectations to guide my journey, the 4-piece collective originally from Montreal took me on an ethereal ride through an enigmatic soundscape. The record felt like an incredibly organic blend of so many sounds and styles – “Favourite Boy” stands as a fidelity of influences that radiates with originality and uniqueness. Not even remotely a copy of what you’ll hear anywhere else, Half Moon Sun flow through the song with emotive and moving prose, which couples wondrously with the feel-inducing instrumentation.

From the vocals to the sonic backdrop, “Favourite Boy” is a psychologically trippy experience. And this only becomes amplified by the accompanying visual. The band tells a story, through images and words and instruments, of an escapade fueled by love, lust, confusion, uncertainty and a world of other emotions. We witness a tangled web of time, one that bounces from present to past and then back again, all while leaving an ambiguous sense of illusion – what’s real and what’s fake? Is it mere fantasy or a reflective soliloquy that finds its foundation in the present sense of loss?

The music is powerful, yet calming – a balanced expression from the head and the heart. Indeed, “Favourite Boy” feels like the meeting ground of the two realms of thought. A balance that tends to bring about clear thought; and yet, “Favourite Boy” only dances with clarity while walking hand in hand with the overarching confusion.


“Favourite Boy” will find life on A Blemish in the Great Light, which is set for release on November 1st and available for pre-order here.

Press play below.

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