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Watch Now: GRiZ - A New Day (feat. Matisyahu)

GRiZ liberated the uplifting, Matisyahu-featured “A New Day” last month and we’re now on the receiving end of the official visual treatment for the Ride Waves single. Inspired by a desire to enact lasting change following the Parkland shooting last year, “A New Day” serves as a call to action – we must rise above the agony caused by hatred and move towards a more loving world. No matter how cliche it may sound, change truly does start with each of us. By mindfully thinking, speaking and acting from a place of peace and love, we have the very real ability to send our loving energy outward, causing ripples to reach across all the illusion-based “isms” so determined to uphold division and hatred.

Directed by Robert Nyerges, “A New Day” is composed of clips featuring individuals who have been directly impacted by senseless acts of gun violence. Viewers are opened to the pain and hurt experienced by these people but, more importantly, we are able to witness their strength, determination and resolve. Despite the various tragedies taking their loved ones from the physical, they stand prominently with a vision of a happier, more loving world. Rather than surrender to the darkness, they are bringing light – the light we all carry within our spirits – in hopes of lifting our society out of the darkness. Indeed, it is only light that can take the place of darkness. The video does an excellent job capturing the wave of emotion each individual was forced to process through, from the initial – and lasting – pain to the love and refusal to give up hope.

It’s interesting to see a victim of a school shooting that took place in 1984, as it showcases how gun violence is not a new trend. Although it may be happening at a more alarming rate, and certainly receiving greater publicity, it’s nothing new. As such, there is no better time to act and bring about authentic change – otherwise, the same old shit will continue to take innocent lives out of this world.

With “A New Day,” GRiZ and Matisyahu use their platform to address the issue at hand while also demonstrating the power we have to change the state of affairs. We can’t sit back and hope the lawmakers solve the plague of gun violence, especially when the power of love and community is so easily tapped into simply by living our lives with compassion for all. We’re all in this together and we’re all connected – a simple act of love today can touch the lives of people you may never physically cross paths with. And, in turn, that love will come back to you in some form or fashion.

Vibes don’t lie, energy is real, and love is the most powerful force in the Universe.

“A New Day” has been released in collaboration with Brady, an organization advocating for greater gun legislation. For more information on the organization and to find out how you can help, check out the official Brady website.

GRiZ’s Ride Waves is set to drop on April 5th and you can pre-order the album here. “A New Day” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Watch the video below.

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