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Watch Now: Grieves - I'll Be Better (feat. JAGA)

Sometimes in life, even if things are going well enough to leave you feeling comfortable, it’s important to take the necessary steps and risks in order to give oneself the room to fly. You might lose a few feathers on the journey, but a caged bird is never free.

With “I’ll Be Better”, Grieves paints a vivid story of letting go and moving on in order to open the doors for what’s next. As only he can, the Rhymesayers artist takes listeners on a journey paved with his honest, relatable and mature storytelling. Rather than holding a grudge or falling back on petty tropes of failed relationships, Grieves keeps it all the way stoic and levelheaded, dancing with acceptance and understanding – there’s no ill will, simply an individual recognizing it’s time to move on from an unhealthy connection.

Directed by Justin Frick, “I’ll Be Better” is a simple, almost pop art-infused visual experience that features Grieves on his way to – and then isolated in – a psych ward. The video captures the overarching vibe of Grieves’ content and does an excellent job serving as a storytelling accompaniment.

The JAGA-featured “I’ll Be Better” is available now on all streaming platforms.

Press play on the latest from Grieves below.

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