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Listen Now: Great Dane - One for Daniel

Celebrating the life of Daniel Johnston, who passed away on Wednesday, Great Dane liberates one from the vault. In regards to the enigmatic artist, Dane had the following to share:

I can’t sit here behind my keyboard and pretend to be an expert on Johnston or the art he shared with the world. But, after seeing Dane’s release, I have taken some time to look into the man behind the music and visuals. And, after getting this off into the airwaves, I’ll be sitting with his work some more. Man, there’s a whole world of interesting humans out there – “One for Daniel” serves as a good reminder to turn your head every now and then in order to experience what magic surrounds you.

It’s not often I do this, but I’m going to let the music stand on its own here. Listen and take it in, let it make you feel whatever it makes you feel. For those interested in learning more about Daniel Johnston, hit up his Wiki or check out his SoundCloud.

Press play below.

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