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Listen Now: great dane - Former Friends

New album from Great Dane dropping this year so I hope you’re ready to catch the vibes and shine on. In May of last year, Dane liberated Respect: Self, a 4-track EP that chronicled his inner work and he dropped a loosie in September as a tribute to Daniel Johnston. With Delta Fly, the follow up to 2018’s Gamma Ray, set for release on March 13th, Great Dane is back with his genre-defying blend of sonic manifestations.

With fans waiting in anticipation for the next taste of sound, the stars have aligned and we’ve received a lovely gift in the form of “Former Friends.” The first single off Delta Fly, “Former Friends” is a gnarly, grimey, atmospheric and calming listening experience – in true Great Dane fashion, it takes listeners on a journey chalk full of highs, lows and emotion evoking waves of musical euphoria. Always one to level up with each release, it’s evident Dane is exploring new sounds and calling upon his personal growth to add different dimensions to the music he’s creating. At the end of the day though, “Former Friends” is a wavy vibe – something we’ve come to expect from our protagonist regardless of the colors he’s using to paint the sonic space.

“Former Friends” features an organic build full of engaging rises and falls, becoming quite spacey before eventually settling into a sweet glitch-laden outro. I’ll forever be amazed at the talent it takes to tell a story through sound and sound alone – no words necessary, just the imagery created via sonic vibrations. Of course, this also leaves the details of the story up to the listener – we can all listen to “Former Friends” and come to our own conclusions about the who, what, where, why and when. And we’re all right because the music is pulling various emotions from within our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits.

Delta Fly is available now for pre-order/save.

Press play on “Former Friends” below.

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