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Listen Now: Great Dane - Drop Top

Doesn’t matter if it’s nighttime and there’s snow falling from the sky right now, the latest from Great Dane will have you rolling around in a sleeveless shirt, shades on your face, with the windows down and the music blasting from the speakers. Point blank, it’d be an understatement to say “Drop Top” is a vibe – this one will have you feeling yourself, drippin’ with the sauce something like Ari on “7 Rings”.

The genre-defying Great Dane may have released an enigmatic collection of music last year in the form of Gamma Ray, but he’s knocking down the door that is 2019 by doing what he does best – showcasing just how ever-evolving and eclectic his style truly is. Each release is a new page in the diary of Great Dane, finding a unique way of revealing bits and pieces of the multifarious headspace existing within the LA-based artist.

“Drop Top” will leave you wanting to squad up and commit random acts of delinquency, before making it all right by committing even more random acts of kindness. It’s an appropriately titled sonic ride – a wave of emotions and the perfect bop to start your week off right. Good luck not feeling overwhelmed with self-confidence after bumping this one a few times.

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Press play on “Drop Top” below.

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