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Listen Now: Granata - Per Diem (feat. NIKO IS) [prod. Jachary]


Recorded in Brooklyn at 6 A.M. one vibey, fruitful morning, “Per Diem” has found it’s way from the vault, liberated now for your listening pleasure and mental stimulation. Featuring back and forth chillosophical exchange from Granata and NIKO IS, the Jachary-produced joint is bountiful in it’s wisdom while remaining humbly imperturbable in it’s delivery. Listeners find themselves on the receiving end of a nonchalant discourse containing a vast depth of substance, all wrapped up in a smooth, simplistic package.

As the self-proclaimed “Rhymin’ & Artfunkel” recite their prose with little vocal inflection, the calming essence of quietude serves as an accent on the content. Rather than utilize hulking tones or boisterous deliveries, Granata and NIKO simply speak, allowing the inherent power of their words to act as the sole illumination of the overarching message.

With soft-spoken, atmospheric instrumentation from Jachary guiding the way, the latest Colours-served rappetizer is available now.

Preview “Per Diem” below.

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