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Watch Now: Granata - It's Hard To Say No (In New York City) [prod. Thanks Joey]

Few things in life fill me with as much joy as checking out an artist for the first time and discovering a joint that is the textbook definition of a vibe.

And that’s exactly what happened when I hit play on Granata’s “It’s Hard To Say No (In New York City)”.

Upon a little bit of research, I discovered the record originally found life on Granata’s 9-track project of the same name. But it was more recently on the receiving end of the visual treatment, which amplifies the song’s energy and gives it a whole new type of life.

Backed by production from Thanks Joey that showcases the producer’s ability to cook up something that dances in space while remaining chilled out and down to Earth, “It’s Hard To Say No” is a vibey tune that’ll have you floating into nothingness as a smile creeps across your face…and man, that smile will remain plastered in place as the song carries on. It’s fun piece of music, balancing the serious and raspy delivery of Granata with a little bit of silly content mixed in.

All in all, “It’s Hard To Say No (In New York City)” is a finely tuned bop that encapsulates a wide range of emotion – a overly simple experience that is deserving of numerous playbacks just to capture the feeling the music leaves the listener with.

Enjoy the video below.

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