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Stream: Gobbo - Pipe Dream

After releasing Somber City earlier this year, Gobbo returns with another spellbinding collection of new music, this time taking on the form of the 3-track Pipe Dream. In the same vein as his earlier work, the latest EP features entirely self-produced instrumentation as the CT-based artist fills the sonic space with impassioned vocals.

Pipe Dream contains music saturated with ruminative energy; it’s reflective and triumphant, explosive yet composed. And Gobbo delivers his heartfelt lyrics purely – again, similar to Somber City, there is an encompassing aura of authenticity present throughout the EP. His masterful instrumentation cradles the content of his delivery as the stories unfold. Coupled with the accompanying production, the music is at once soulful and R&B-esque while dancing with an essence of indie-pop tendencies. It would be hard to throw a singular label on the sounds emanating from Pipe Dream, as Gobbo weaves between styles effortlessly until he’s crafted a sound uniquely his own.

But one thing is for sure – Pipe Dream is an entire vibe. One could easily throw the project on as background fodder or allow the music to erupt from the speakers as they drive around. For the ultimate experience, however, I would recommend pressing play, sitting back with eyes closed, and slipping away into the journey the music takes you on. Listen mindfully and listen actively, but don’t force anything – the music featured on Pipe Dream is powerful enough in its own right to guide you along on a lovely sonic adventure.

Stream Pipe Dream below.


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