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Watch Now: Gifted Gab - Don't Push Me [prod. Antwon Vinson]

I’m going to be quite surprised if Gifted Gab doesn’t continue to slide into household name status this year. The Seattle-bred lyricist – who, it turns out, is also one hell of a songstress – made 2019 the biggest year of her career, keeping the “Come Correct” momentum rolling alongside Blimes. In addition to releasing a new project, Gab found herself trading bars with a number of rap heavyweights all while proving time and time again just how fierce she is with the pen. I think you’re clowning yourself if you doubt Gab has the full potential to turn 2020 into her year – and not on some “tHIs iS My YeAR” shit, either.

But it’s one thing to kick a dope rap. It’s a whole different beast when you come with the energy and confidence that Gifted Gab rolls through with every time she picks up the microphone or steps foot in the booth. Exuding authenticity, Gab has never been afraid to give the public Gifted Gab in all her raw, revealing and self-assured glory. And she doesn’t really give two shits if you like her or not. Regardless, you will respect her.

With “Don’t Push Me,” a joint that finds life on Gab’s Cause & Effect, this sentiment shines prominently in the spotlight. From the moment Antwon Vinson’s stellar production begins, Gifted Gab is off to the races, delivering pointed bars with a confident, smooth and relentless aggression. Over the course of the rightfully braggadocious record, Gifted Gab stands and spits in her unabashed power. How you sound so damn vigorous while still coming off as cool, calm and collected? Gab is really a vibe unto herself – forget about big dick energy; walk into 2020 with some Gifted Gab energy.

Since talk is cheap, “Don’t Push Me” takes things to a different level and calls upon some recent online fuckery to let the world know Gab ain’t about the commentary from trigger fingers on social media. If you decide not to heed her warning, there’s a good chance the posse will roll up on you. And whether it’s bars or fists, you don’t want to feel the wrath of Gab. The visual isn’t necessarily “funny,” but it definitely feels a little tongue-in-cheek, juxtaposing shots of Gab chillin’ with a couple of her wannabe detractors getting jumped. Honestly, this is a fucking great way to showcase the layers of Gab’s personality.

As always, shouts out to Antwon Vinson for cooking up the perfect backdrop for Gab to lace. The production holds space perfectly, riding in the background as it allows Gab to do her thing in the forefront.

Cause & Effect is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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