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Watch Now: Gabrielle Aplin - Nothing Really Matters (Acoustic)

Having released the original single earlier this year, Gabrielle Aplin returns with an acoustic take on “Nothing Really Matters,” complete with a visually stimulating video. Although the track initially sounds as though it’s an ode to a lover, upon deeper listening it becomes evident the song emerges from a place of self-love. “Nothing Really Matters” examines, through Aplin’s dreamy vocals, the energy we tend to give to all the things that don’t matter. Based on her own experiences, the record encourages listeners to focus on what’s truly important – after all, it’s not selfish to focus on the self.

The stripped down rendition features light keys gentle placed beneath Aplin’s soothing delivery, removing the more electric, popping keys and synth found on the OG instrumentation. With a barely there production, Gabrielle croons softly, bringing a more subdued energy to the song without taking away from the powerful essence of fulfillment her words manifest. Presented in this fashion, “Nothing Really Matters” emerges as a refreshing surge of rebirth and new life, gently caressing the listener with compassion and a newfound sense of self-love.

The acoustic version of “Nothing Really Matters” is available now on all major streaming platforms and you can find the original here.

Press play below.

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