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Experience Euphoria After a Long Hard Day with Zarbo’s ‘Get Up and Dance’

Experience Euphoria After a Long Hard Day with Zarbo’s ‘Get Up and Dance’

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Zarbo is a Canadian power pop-rock trio formed in the early 1980s. Bassist, songwriter, and lead vocalist Alexander Zarbo a.k.a. Vella-Zarb stands as the head of the band. Other members include guitarist/vocalist Derek Sharp and drummer/vocalist Greg Anzelc. In 1986, they released the dance single ‘Get Up and Dance.’

Shortly after the release of ‘Get Up and Dance,’ Zarbo disbanded in the late 1980s. Each member went their separate ways to pursue individual projects in the music industry. Thirty years later, Alexander Zarbo digitally remastered the last album of the band, titled ‘A-Z Collection’, which led the trio reuniting once again.

On July 24, 2020, Zarbo released an EDM/Electro Remix of ‘Get Up and Dance’. The trio describes the track as a resounding ear-tickler. They share how the song has had a long shelf-life, “It [‘Get Up and Dance’] remains a common part of each and all our lives, being the center point of our existence.”

Getting up and dancing can mean so many things for Zarbo. It is not only a form of moving our bodies in joy or ecstasy, but also as a reward or escape from the severity and repetitiousness of day-to-day duties.

When asked about what they think the effect of ‘Get Up and Dance’ will be to their audience, they answered, “I believe it puts them in their happy place and into an almost dreamlike state of euphoria. It is a type of reward for all the hard work they have achieved during a long hard day.

Listen to Zarbo’s ‘Get Up and Dance’ on SoundCloud.

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