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Enter The World of Boot$ With His Song ‘Lifestyle Rockstar’


Originally from Nigeria, Boot$ came to America at the young age of two. He grew up in Prince George’s County and spent his teenage years in Bowie, both of which being within Maryland. Boot$ became an artist because he loves to write all forms of literature, especially poetry.

He shares, “I look at verses and music as poetry. Music is another type of literature that a person can express how their consciousness and unconsciousness feel”. Boot$ is an extremely expressive writer, where you can feel the emotion jumping out of the speakers at you. He says, “This makes your art a masterpiece. To me, making music is a stress reliever, and every song I feel like I have perfected in my heart brings me to tears of joy because you can hear yourself”.

Boot$ new single ‘Lifestyle Rockstar’ features Big Yo. The song has a smooth, rockesque, but trap vibe that reminds everyone with a keen ear of the BOSS UP DMV movement. 

BOSS UP DMV is the record label that Boot$ owns. He sets trends and inspires the youth with his movement of black ownership for independent record labels. He creates a new experience with the combination of producing seasonal vlogs, artist developments, coaching camps, and several high-energy house party concerts.

Boot$ is someone with a heart of gold and is a person whose aims are set higher than simply crafting good music. This is a changemaker, a revolutionary, and an artist all in one.

Boot$ shares, “When you listen to my songs you enter my world”.


Listen to Boot$ ‘Lifestyle Rockstar’ on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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