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Watch Now: Elsha - Para Mi Gente (feat. NIKO IS)

There’s nothing flashy about this cut from Elsha, but the rawness of the NIKO IS-featured “Para Mi Gente” allows for the track to exude self-confidence. With Elsha and NIKO taking turns lacing the multi-lingual collaboration with their unique deliveries, “Para Mi Gente” serves as a simultaneously abrasive yet uplifting anthem. Throughout the joint, both artists have the opportunity to let their words speak through, as the barely-there production leaves limitless room for the lyrical content to stand prominently in the foreground.

Visually, viewers are brought out back to experience the energetic exchange that is the preparation of chicken on the grill. Keeping things rooted in the authenticity that’s encompassing the music, we witness the process of slaughtering, prepping and cooking up the meal as Elsha, NIKO and their people enjoy themselves.

Watch “Para Mi Gente” below.

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