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Listen Now: Drex Carter - OS47S [prod. Kaelin Ellis]

After releasing “Nagato” earlier this summer, Drex Carter returns with the liberation of “OS47S.” According to the Florida-based artist, “OS47S” was first cooked up over a year ago during a crazy point in his existence. The record features Carter filling the sonic landscape with unabashed rawness enveloping his delivery. The listener is able to feel the emotion saturating his prose, as a balance of vulnerability and perseverance radiate from Drex’s words.

“OS47S” has an ambiguous aura around it, blending Kaelin Ellis’ brooding instrumentation with Drex’s verse. The eerie softness of the production captures the vibe of Carter’s vocals, but there’s a slight juxtaposition of personal lows and highs. In a sense, the song dances between trials, tribulations and the faith he holds in himself and his visions, goals and dreams. Carter may not be where he wants yet, but he’s ready and willing to put in the work to lift himself from the ground. Rather than stick his hand out for favors, Drex understands that he’s going to have to put in the work and sacrifice in order to make a real difference in his life. And he’s more than ready to make that change a reality.

The latest from Drex Carter is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Press play below.

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