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Listen Now: Drex Carter - Nagato (feat. Snøw)

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Drex Carter comes through with a raw, honest and self-aware soliloquy in the form of the Snøw-assisted “Nagato.”

Buried beneath the sorrowful, mournful and melancholy delivery is a radiating essence of hope as the young artist liberates himself from the chains of despair. “Nagato” sees Carter discovering the freedom that comes from being truly open to all the lessons life places in his path. Rather than attempt to numb or escape the pain, Drex plants his feet firmly in the uncomfortable spaces in order to fully experience the waves of emotion that make up our physical and emotional journey. At a young age, Carter displays a keen sense of mindfulness, recognizing that the only authentic means of healing and moving forward is to feel, move through and experience the balance of life’s highs and lows.

The track is housed within the confines of somber, knocking production, providing an atmospheric, pulsating cloud of darkness over the emotive delivery of Carter and Snøw. Together, the instrumentation and pureness of the prose form an honest examination of what it means to be present in – and open to – the ways in which the passing storms of life dance with the internal and external light of our existence.

“Nagato” is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Press play below.

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