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Watch Now: Drex Carter - All Falls Down (feat. Marcellus Juvann) [prod. G93]

Man, what a beautiful blend of brooding and comforting vibes.

“All Falls Down” comes through like a lowkey purge, hitting listeners in all the feels while providing a calming sense of tranquility through the highs and lows of life. Drex Carter floats over the record with soft yet passionate delivery, lacing G93’s bouncing bop of production with thought provokingly good energy. And Marcellus Juvann kicks smooth bars, juxtaposing Drex’s vocals to result in a captivating balance of flows, delivery and feelings. All three components of “All Falls Down” – Drex, Marcellus and G93 – bring unique vibes to the track, but they come together in a wild fidelity on wax.

Maybe it’s just my headspace as I write this, but “All Falls Down” is striking a chord deep within my psyche.

The music feels hopeful, while still dancing with a slight sense of melancholy. You can pick up on the rawness of the song – it’s not all good or bad; it’s a balance. And I’ll be damned if that ain’t life in and of itself.

“All Falls Down” comes complete with a fun, warmhearted visual experience directed by Colin Tunney. Like the rolling energy of the instrumentation, the music video has a very authentic feel to it. Aside from the shots of Drex, viewers witness different flicks of – what appear to be – random people. It’s like they’re posing for pictures while the film is rolling, offering the audience candid images of strangers. And, what makes the video even more intriguing, is the strange sense of connection you’ll feel to each and every person featured in the visual. There’s more than a good chance you’ve never seen any of these strangers before in your life…but it won’t feel like that as their smiles, silent laughter, shifting eyes and unique awkwardness take center stage.

“All Falls Down” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Enjoy the video below.

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