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Dr. Jekyll, Truth, Christine Corless, EDM, Pop, Rock


A Los Angeles-based music producer and songwriter, Dr. Jekyll is known for his versatile bandwidth and unconventional production. His music isn’t conformed to one genre. Dr. Jekyll chooses to break the mold by musically blending sounds and cultures he has been exposed to.

Some of his musical influences are Dr. Luke, Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, Soulive, and Tool, to name a few. Dr. Jekyll likes to write his music while producing them because it allows him to make changes along the way. He shares, “My biggest inspiration for writing music is trying to write songs about personal experiences. Those are usually the songs that have the best results.”

His latest single, ‘Truth,’ features Christine Corless, a young and talented artist making her way through the Nashville country music scene. Her voice perfectly matches Dr. Jekyll’s production style.

‘Truth’ is a passionate and heartfelt single dedicated to everyone who feels like they have exhausted their chances of positively changing their lives. “It expresses hope and perseverance, which is something we all need to hear, especially for artistic creatives,” says Dr. Jekyll.


Listen to Dr. Jekyll’s ‘Truth’ on YouTube.

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