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Watch Now: Dounia - Catching Feelings [prod. Jake LiBassi]

Man, fuck isolation. I feel like I just woke up out a deep trance after watching “Catching Feelings.”

Dounia really comes through with a hypnotic, ethereal experience that’ll leave you understanding traits you’ve noticed in others that may have left you at one time intimidated. And you’ll come out of this one more ready than ever to step deeper into your own power and self-confidence. This is wild in the most beautiful, twisted and empowering way. It’s a special feat to come to recognize how infinite your energy and your being is while at the same time understanding and appreciating the value of it. Not everybody is going to be ready for you and even those that are may not be fully worthy of your divine presence.

Give it up one time for the divine feminine. Like, really take some time to lay down some prayers and offer up your gratitude ’cause these women – these Queens and Goddesses – are not to be taken lightly or treated poorly. At the end of the day, the best ones won’t be sticking around long enough for the disrespect anyway.

But, my goodness, “Catching Feelings” is a vibe, huh? What immensely moving and thought-provoking (and probably ego hurting) songwriting on display here? Dounia floats amongst the intriguing Jake LiBassi-laced instrumentation, radiating from start to finish as she unabashedly flaunts her awareness and authentic self all over the place. “Catching Feelings” is an intoxicating listening experience, and from the energy and aura surrounding Dounia’s prose and delivery, I expect this was the intention of the record.

“Catching Feelings” comes forth with a visual that’s just as enchanting as the music, with majestic hues illuminating the predominately black and white imagery. Dounia showcases her divine essence as she dances around amongst the spirits moving beside her, delivering the song with animated butterflies crossing the screen.

Watch the visual below and then take some time to catch the vibes of “Shooting Comets.”

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