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Watch Now: Donavon - BAD

Sometimes, a song or video will find its way into your life and, in a way only music can, it will leave you spellbound. Donavon’s “BAD” is that type of experience, the futuristic audio finding pristine fidelity with the accompanying visual, resulting in an otherworldly offering from the young creative. Through intricately layered sound and majestic, futuristic cinematography, “BAD” becomes a world unto itself. You’ll be hard-pressed to play this once without, willingly or unwillingly, feeling a subconscious pull to run it back a few more times in order to bask in the ethereal vibe of “BAD.”

Everything about “BAD” is so well-rounded. It’s clean, smooth, polished and pleasing both sonically and aesthetically. The song is enveloped with mainstream and commercial appeal yet it balances that with the right amount of uniqueness to stand out from the tropes and trends. Had this dropped when music videos were featured prominently on TV, “BAD” would undoubtedly find praise and a home on the various music channels. It’s flashy, but the flash, bells and whistles are utilized like finely placed pieces of a puzzle – there is a lot going on, but no space is wasted.

Donavon brings the record to life with his impassioned vocals, offering a youthful perspective on love that seems grounded in mindfulness and accountability beyond his years. Detailing the juxtaposed darkness and light of love and lust, the lyrical content sees Donavon acknowledging his own mistakes, shortcomings and the lessons he’s learned the hard way. Like life in general, love is a balance of the good, bad, highs and lows. There is no “perfect” and Donavon does a fine job shining light on the ways our choices impact our experiences – if you put your energy into the bad bitch, you only have yourself to blame when you get burnt.

“BAD” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Experience the visual below.

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