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Listen Now: Detelj - Proverbs

Although his latest project, Drastic, is barely 3 months old, Detelj is already back with a new loosie in the form of the self-produced “Proverbs”.

The new record is highlighted by the simultaneously sad and uplifting energy present throughout the song, as if Detelj is finding solace in the aloneness he’s experiencing while gaining a deeper understanding of the separation between being alone and feeling lonely. There’s confusion and depression but also a self-awareness that is continuing to blossom within Detelj.

As this sense of self continues to grow, as Mike travels further into his own psyche and consciousness, he will only gain a deeper rooted perspective on his own truths. From here, his artistry will continue to evolve and flourish, just as it has been doing so prominently over the last year. While he’s never been “fake”, the Detelj listeners have experienced in 2018 sounds more like Michael Detelj and less like an attempt to live up to an elusive image or gimmick.

Authenticity. It’s one of the most important qualities for any individual to become acquainted with. And Detelj is stepping more and more into his own authenticity with each release. The music, as demonstrated with “Proverbs”, is coming from an open, honest and heartfelt place within the artist behind the song.

“Proverbs” is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Preview the track below.

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