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Hxppy Thxxghts on: Detelj & Gobbo - Grapes

After collaborating together in the past, Detelj and Gobbo come through with their first official joint project, Grapes. The 4-track EP runs for approximately 17 minutes, using the sonic landscape to piece together an intricately woven story of lust, pain, heartache and isolation. While each song showcases the eclectic stylings of Gobbo and Detelj, Grapes comes together in juxtaposing fashion, demonstrating an exciting step forward in the growth and evolution of both artists. Beyond the musical foundation, the EP is highlighted by artistic risks and new endeavors, taking the duo into an uncharted sonic space.


Grapes kicks off with “Brunch,” a flamboyant joint that exudes confidence and braggadocio. The anthemic cut features vibey, atmospheric production that serves as a pristine sonic home for the unique delivery of Gobbo’s catchy vocals. There is a fine balance of commercial and indie energy contained within “Brunch,” the track coming to life as Detelj drops his arrogant and promiscuous – but never off-putting – prose. “Brunch” quickly stands out as the most lighthearted record on Grapes; an uplifting beginning to an EP that quickly dives into deeper emotional content.

“Blame Me”

With a beautifully cut sample of Joy’s “Same Place,” “Blame Me” features little more than a painful, passionate cry from Detelj, which allows Gobbo to really shine. The track is relatively simple at its core, but it becomes progressively complex in its presentation thanks to the emotive crooning and delivery on display. The airy, elevated production lifts the vocals, floating Gobbo’s presence along in an ode to accountability and self-awareness.

“Jus’ Kno”

“Jus’ Kno” is perhaps the most blatantly powerful display present on Grapes. The record is raw from start to finish as both artists fill “Jus’ Kno” with pure emotion that simultaneously dances between sorrowful and abrasive. For the audience, it’s an easy one to relate to – you can feel the words as they strike a chord deep in the psyche, causing suppressed or forgotten memories to boil back to the surface. “Jus’ Kno” is delivered like a one way conversation – we don’t get the reaction of the muse who inspired the dialogue, but we can understand the necessity of the emotional purge taking place.

“Stay Home” (feat. Rudy)

The EP concludes with “Stay Home,” which includes an always welcomed feature from Rudy. Backed by the light, jazzy, reflective and comforting instrumentation, the song is a striking equilibrium of aggression and softness. With three artists, all of whom offer up unique sounds and styles in their own right, taking a turn in the spotlight of the record, “Stay Home” houses wavy, juxtaposing energies. It’s not long before the track becomes a multidimensional experience of introversion and solitude. Like the track itself, this mental and physical space may not always be peaceful or comfortable, but it does become a necessary tool in healing and self-care.

Grapes is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

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