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Listen Now: Derek Luh - Hoodie

Even though we’re sinking deeper into the depths of cuffin’ season, Derek Luh slides through with a fresh record chalk full of the still warm memories of lost love and cut ties. Rather than fill the landscape of the song with spite, angst or animosity, Luh flips the script, crafting a break-up anthem that finds its foundation in stability, understanding and acceptance. The feelings are still lingering – which is how you know they were real – but Luh takes listeners on a ride through his healing process; a process that, from the sounds of it, has yet to reach completion.

“Hoodie” features a calm delivery from Derek, who brings to life a peaceful aura over the course of the song. It’s a look inside his head as he cycles through the process of letting go and hanging on. Memories and emotional ties can be a b*tch, but Luh displays a wondrous level of maturity and accountability while he watches his former tag-team partner moving on despite his, at times, stagnant return to what was. “Hoodie” plays like a one-way conversation, almost as if the prose is the sonic manifestation of text messages composed but never sent. This comes to life as the energy switches up briefly, walking the fine line between acceptance and resentment, before falling back into a calming place of understanding. Caught up in the memories, emotions and feelings that accompany any breakup, Luh utilizes “Hoodie” to purge his head and his heart, without having to hold the conversation face to face with the individual who is already linked with someone new.

The latest from Luh is wrapped with eclectic yet calming production, resulting in a smooth flow that rides the waves of simple and eccentric. With his delivery ebbing and flowing, the instrumentation finds a beautiful balance of vibey bop and atmospheric wisps.

“Hoodie” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Listen to the track below.

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