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Watch Now: Dee-1 & Murs - No Pictures of Jesus [prod. Curtiss King]

Fans of Dee-1 and Murs have heard beautiful solo projects from both artists in recent memory but it looks like they’ll be teaming up in 2020 for a collab album. Although no release date has been announced, it should be no surprise when the project comes complete with thought-provoking content, layered wordplay and on point lyricism. With recording wrapped up, the duo liberated our first taste in the form of “No Pictures of Jesus,” alongside a quirky but powerful visual experience.

Backed by groovy, soulful production courtesy of Curtiss King, Dee-1 and Murs take turns distributing some raw truths regarding what’s really important when it comes to the message of Jesus Christ and the word of God. In short, it’s the message – not the color of Jesus or how He’s displayed in images. Follow in His footsteps, His practices and His character – whether you see Him portrayed as a black man or a white man is irrelevant to the bigger picture. At the end of the day, even the people spreading the word of God are imperfect human beings; people who fall, make mistakes and commit heinous atrocities of their own. Yet, in knowing this, we still hold faith in our Faith because we are able to overlook the failure of man and instead focus on the Love and internal beauty of Christ.

“No Pictures of Jesus” is a powerful reminder to maneuver past the distractions placed in our path. A friend and teacher of mine once said the distractions are placed before us in order to teach us how to focus, pay attention and re-member our true selves. The proficient New Orleans artist and the legendary west coast emcee use “No Pictures of Jesus” to shine a light on what matters when we think of Jesus Christ, God and Faith, while also reminding listeners to be weary of the distractions – like what color Jesus is in pictures or statues – because these distractions are merely methods of creating division.

The accompanying video features Dee-1 and Murs distributing flyers and their prose like door-to-door and street-side solicitors. Keeping in tune with the message of the record, the face of Christ is blurred out whenever He appears. It’s a fun video, finding a fine balance between the serious nature of the content and the goofy energy both artists bring to the scenes. A highspot in the video comes whenever viewers see shots of Murs and Dee-1 syncing their physical movements to the music while standing on doorsteps – smooth and visually engaging.

“No Pictures of Jesus” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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