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Watch Now: Dee-1 - Just Go (feat. PJ Morton)

As God and Girls continues to spread authentic storytelling and insightful prose to all those who press play, Dee-1 liberates the official visual treatment for his PJ Morton-featured “Just Go.” Backed by the light but buzzing energy of the instrumentation, Dee-1 and PJ take listeners on a deep dive into the emotion-based stages that come with letting go of the one you love. It’s not always easy, but at the end of the day, to love is far different than to own. And “Just Go” serves to paint that concept with beautiful lyricism, smooth delivery and engaging music.

Even if you do all you do from a place of love, even if you did all the “right” things, sometimes you still have to let them spread their wings and fly. Of course, there can be a variety of reasons for letting go but, as Dee-1 so eloquently puts it, “if you ain’t complete, I can’t compete.” No matter how authentic the love you feel – or the love you express – is, you can only love someone as much as they’re open to receiving it. And, to take it a step further, you can only love someone as much as they love themselves. Not everyone is ready to experience the love you’re ready to share with them.

“Just Go” is a raw and honest portrayal of the emotional waves of the process of letting go. Each verse builds upon the other, switching up the energy, delivery and tone as the perception – and emotional head/heartspace – develops. More than a song, “Just Go” becomes a story told through the words of Dee-1. And, quite noticeable throughout, is the unwavering faith present in Dee’s words. Even if there’s tinges of bitterness or sorrow, the God and Girls artist accepts the flow of the Universe as God’s intended steps in his journey.

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Press play below.

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